Such a delight to teach at Songbird. They provide exquisite support, the room is very comfortable, quite attractive and well-lighted, and each event has drawn 20-30 people. I’ve very much enjoyed the kinds of people who come and feel grateful for this quality site. Evalena Rose M. A. MetaTherapist, Channel, Tantra teacher

Wonderful, caring people that have created a community where you can safely heal and connect with others. It’s amazing that they have different healing and energy modalities. Open to people from all walks of life and nothing but support makes this a place I love to go and highly recommend. Heather R.

Hi, my name is Oksana Yufa and I am a healer who recently relocated to Northern California from San Diego .When I lived in southern CA I participated in volunteering for a non – profit healing clinic in working on people in need. While in transit in Santa Rosa I found Jasmin’s place via internet and was so excited that I could go and do what I do best in a place that I can trust .I knew Jasmin from years before while studying with don Miguel Ruiz. I love Jasmin, I love her energy , her relationship with people and her center.She has a pretty powerful and awesome crew working with her. So cool I can share it with you here! Oksana Yufa, MFT Certified Craniosacral Therapist

I had the wonderful experience of discovering songbird approximately two years ago and have been totally dedicated to the center, to the amazing practitioners, and to Jasmine, who founded the center, ever since. I’m there frequently and I adore Jasmine. I have known her to be one of the kindest, most loving, purest, most dedicated souls, I have known. She brings a wonderful Light and grace into our communities and into our individual lives. I have grown and healed in leaps and bounds over this time.. Songbird Center and all the wonderful people there will continue to be a very important part of my life, here on planet Earth. I am excited to invite every person reading this to visit the center and am confident you’ll be very pleasantly surprised and blessed. Sending Light and Love to all…Lorraine

I have been working with Jasmine and Songbird for about ten years. I enjoy teaching, reading, and healing at the Songbird center. What jasmine is doing here for the community benefits many. I commend her for her hard work and dedication, to bring healing to the community. Songbird is a professional,wonderful healing, safe place to come receive information on many alternatives methods, and enjoy a safe community. Check out the menu of practitioners and classes to best suet your particular healing. Blessings Rev. Sybil Harmony A.T.P. , C.M.T.,B.A.

I have loved Susan Hammond’s Tues AM Feldenkrais class. Thanks to Susan for teaching and for all who work to keep this center open! Vicki Van Winkle

I got to experience Jeffrey’s sound healing with bells and gongs. I received physical and mental relaxation and then a feeling that provided help for dealing with a family situation.- Deborah Dow-Gallagher

Friendly and inviting :-). Anne Rose

It’s a ‘happening center’. They offer so many various forms of healing modalities. There’s definitely something for everybody. Hally DeCarion

Welcoming. Mary Ceglarski-Sherwin

They were all very nice and welcoming; a great group! I really liked them! Sergio De La O Jr

Really easy to be with, clear, respectful, open and experienced.Kristi Dykstra

So exciting!!! Can’t wait for more! Chelsa

Very pleasant and energetically clean and safe. Donna Jefferson

One of the finest – integrity, sincerity, fortitude, honesty, caring. Theresa

Very comfortable, and welcoming. Thank you. Kat

Fabulous, enlightened people who are faithfully on their chosen paths. Very dedicated. Larena

A caring healing space for all people. Linda Adrain

Songbird is a beautiful place to connect with other people in openhearted exchange, to learn and integrate new ways to create greater wholeness and health. Judith N.

Thanks for providing this wonderful place to connect. Jill