Reiki Share

Online Reiki Share

Enjoy a relaxing evening of healing and stress reduction.   This Reiki Share consists of receiving healing transmissions from several Reiki Practitioners at once, the experience is often relaxing and profoundly healing. This is a great opportunity to meet and share with other Reiki Practitioners […]

Hands of Gold Distance Healing Clinic on Zoom

We will be gathering via Zoom We will have an opening group meditation with everyone (social distancing and masks required in person). Then we will divide up into private breakout rooms on Zoom for the individual sessions. We will come back together in between and […]

Christine Engblom

Walk-In: Intuitive Readings, Christine Engblom

Christine uses her soul senses paired with oracle or tarot cards to offer intuitive readings for clients who wish to gain insights, clarity, and direction. Bring your intention and she will help you to get the answers you seek. She has been facilitating intuitive development […]

Reiki Level One Workshop, Terry Trapp

Do you feel called to be a healer? Would you like to learn an ancient healing art for yourself and others? Join us for Reiki Level One and learn the sacred healing art that promotes health on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level! Reiki’s […]

Hands of Gold Distance Healing Clinic by Zoom

We will be gathering via Zoom. We will have an opening group meditation like usual and then divide up into 10 private breakout rooms for your individual sessions and come back together in between and at the end, just like usual. Distance healing is just […]

Clairvoyant Reiki, Intuitive Readings & Human Design, Cécile Marie

Experience deep and soothing healing, release pain and find clarity regarding love and direction. Cécile receives information through clairvoyance, clairsentience and channeling. She channels Shamballa Reiki energy, brought on Earth through ascended master Saint Germain. Come by to… • Talk to Cécile about the services […]

Reiki Healing, Readings w/ Shana Dean

Shana is an international Reiki Master Teacher, focusing on chakra balancing, energy clearings and healing shifts. She works intuitively with light Beings, crystal & color frequencies and is a guide for spiritual growth. More about Shana Dean   Come by to… • Talk to Shana […]

Reiki Share, Songbird Community

A Reiki Share consists of many healing hands on one person at a time. Group Reiki energy can be a powerful and wonderful experience!This is a great opportunity to meet and share with other Reiki Practitioners and use your Reiki skills. Guests are welcome to come and explore this Japanese energy healing technique. […]

Hands of Gold Healing

Receive Support for Your Body, Mind & Spirit: ● Depression ● Fatigue ● Insomnia ● Stress & Anxiety ● Pain ● Trauma/PTSD ● Life Purpose/Direction ● Limiting Beliefs ● Life Transitions ● Relationships ● Self-Confidence/Empowerment ● Self Esteem ● Addictions ● Smoking ● Eating Disorders […]

Christine Engblom
Songbird Practitioner

Christine Engblom: Intuitive Development Circle, Reiki, Hypnotherapy

Christine Engblom is a Reiki Master and Certified Alchemical Hypnotherapist currently working on finishing a Masters Degree with a focus in Depth Psychology. She has been providing education and support to empaths, intuitives and mediums in her intuitive development circle and has a love of […]