Healing with the Angels, Natalie Doel

Healing with the angels is not about learning or doing anything; it is about receiving the healing energy that your angels are always, already sending you. This healing energy is available to each of us at any time, but learning to receive it takes practice […]

Angel Card Readings with Natalie

Embodying Love with Mary Magdalene with Natalie Doel

I was so happy when I pulled Mary Magdalene’s card from the Keepers of the Light oracle deck for this month’s blog, not only because I love the energy the Magdalene holds, but also because visually, it is one of my favorite cards. To me, […]

Angel Card Readings with Natalie

Call on the Angels to Stay Centered, Natalie Doel

When I asked the angels for guidance on what to share in my very first column for Songbird, I heard a chorus of voices speak the following message: “Remind people that they are not in this experience alone, and that right now, all is well.” […]