Stones Throw Gift

Stones Throw carries a wide selection of affordable local art, gifts, and crystals at our spiritual and metaphysical store. We carry the work over our 50 high-quality local artists and vendors including several Art Trails Open Studios artists. We are now downstairs at Songbird Community Healing Center: 8297 Old Redwood Highway. Songbird has moved upstairs to 8299.

Stones Throw is the largest affordable crystal store in Sonoma County with rocks and fossils in a variety of price points from $1 to large amethyst cathedrals. Most of our crystals are in rough form with some polished and carved. We also have a large selection of wire wrap crystal pendants. Some of our inventory in the $10 and under range includes:
amber, amethyst, amazonite,  angelite, apatite,  aquamarine, aragonite,  azurite, bismuth, calcite, carnelian, chrysocolla,  citrine, desert rose, emerald,  fluorite, galena,  garnet, herkimer diamond, K2, kyanite,  labradorite, lapis lazuli,  lepidolite,  malachite, moonstone, obsidian, opal, quartz,  peacock ore, peridot, pyrite, prehnite, rose quartz, ruby, selenite, septarian,  shungite, smoky quartz, sodalite, stichtite, sulfur, tiger eye, topaz, turquoise

We carry three times as many crystals as this in the $10-$100 range and up.

We are located at in Cotati at 8297 Old Redwood Highway.

We are open Tuesday through Saturday from 11am-7: 00 pm and Sunday from Noon-5 pm.


To reach the store directly, call 707-242-6669 or email

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If you are interested in having your work at the store, first download an application and terms. Then email for an appointment.