Rebecca Pierce: ThetaHealing

Rebecca Pierce was introduced to ThetaHealing when her 17 year old daughter started passing out. After many trips to the ER and many tests, the heart doctor was ready to do an exploratory heart catheterization. Her daughter didn’t want to do that so they started going to an acupuncturist. This began to help. Since Rebecca was spending every spare moment on helping her daughter, the acupuncturist gave her a book on ThetaHealing. This was a great turning point for her and her family.

ThetaHealing helped her daughter by removing subconscious beliefs that were making her ill. The pressure in her life was causing anxiety, stress and fear. By removing this, she began to get better. Her daughter learned to handle all the things that life brings and can cope with anything that comes her way now.

Rebecca has been trained in ThetaHealing, Emotional Freedom Technique, Explorations of Conscious Creation as well as her own intuitive skills. She now helps others by identifying subconscious beliefs, feeling and emotions that are causing dis-ease within the body. Once the issue is identified and the conscious mind decides to let go of this issue then the shift begins. Once these limited beliefs, feeling or emotions are in balance the dis-ease will naturally correct itself.


Rebecca’s Upcoming Events:

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