Puja Dean: Clairvoyant, Tarot, Life Skills Direction, Spiritual Healer, Hypnotherapy

puja dean headshotPuja was born into a psychic family and, as a young man, provided coaching and advice through his school years to friends. He became a professional psychic 30+ years ago, reading for various clients internationally. Healings have occurred during readings and many of his clients have experienced emotional breakthroughs, receiving empowering messages that have supported them into success and well-being. He has studied philosophy, esoteric metaphysics, and world religion. He was in an Ashram for 11 years. He is a healer, JOHREI Channel of Divine Light, and Reiki Master Teacher. He is also a certified acupressurist/touch therapist in California and a hypnotherapist. Puja has done 100,000+ readings for worldwide clients the past 30 yrs.

Puja is also a recognized artist, having personal, and group exhibits in Italy and the West Coast, He has been an illustrator in the Bay Area for over 20 years. Puja taught art at the Academy of Art and Stanford. He combines his art talent with his natural intuition and his training to promote health and healing on many levels. Puja connects with your spirit guides for Readings and a Drawing of them.