Pnina Zoharah: Neuromuscular Bodywork, Movement, Hands-On Healing, Yoga for the Eyes

Pnina Zoharah is an internationally known healer/teacher, neuromuscular bodyworker and movement instructor. Pnina found her passion and her gifts as a healer as the result of a difficult family experience. In 1988 her mother became very ill with multiple sclerosis (M.S.). The doctors didn’t have any solutions for her mom’s disease so Pnina started to search for ways to help her mom heal. She heard about a teacher in California who had healed himself from blindness and worked with people with MS. Unfortunately her Mom died after one year. Shortly after her mom’s death, Pnina immigrated to San Francisco, CA and found her first teacher–Meir Schneider. She trained with him at the Center for Self Healing.

Since then, she has expanded her study with many other techniques in energy healing, spiritual counseling, hands-on healing, emotional release work, dance therapy, qigong, and pilates training. Pnina’s rich knowledge and her many years of experience in the body-mind connection, helped her form her own “Movement and Spirit” self-healing technique. Pnina enjoys integrating movement, meditation, energy healing and nature into her workshops and private sessions.



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