John Sanchez: Eating Psychology Coach, Relationship Coach – Individual/Couples/Family

johnJohn Sanchez’s passion for healing emerged through his journey of healing the Lyme disease that he suffered through for 7 years. Now, on the other side of Lyme, he loves to help guide people through their journey of healing autoimmune or chronic conditions that seem impossible to get unstuck from. His new approach focuses on how our emotional, relational and psychological environment impacts the health of our bodies. He has discovered simple mind body tools to help you shape shift your emotional and physical environments to help bring your body back into its natural state of wholeness.

John is also a Certified Eating Psychology Coach, Nutritionist, Herbalist, and Kinesiologist. He is dedicated to empower and heal your relationship with food and your body. He also works with emotional eating, chronic dieting, overeating, digestion, weight loss and disordered eating. His intuition along with his personal journey will empower you to feel hope and enable health to return to your heart, your mind and your body.