Heather Fischer: Vibrational Sound Therapy

Heather Fischer, BSN, RN, VSTCP, offers Vibrational Sound Therapy (VST), a profound relaxation and stress reducing modality that supports body as well as mind. Benefits include greater mindfulness and concentration, emotional wellness and reduction of anxiety as well as pain. VST uses vibration and tone from Himalayan singing bowls that are placed directly onto the body to induce powerful physical and mental relaxation.

Heather’s interest in alternative healing began when she had an inspiring experience with Himalayan singing bowls while visiting Nepal. Over the next 15+ years her desire to learn led her to VST, which allows her to blend the mind/body connection with her nursing background and the interest she has in supporting people on their path for self-care.

Heather received her 2009 Bachelor of Science in Nursing, from Samuel Merritt University and is a Licensed Registered Nurse, in the State of California. For the past 10 years she has been working as a psychiatric nurse. She recently received her Practitioners Certification in Vibrational Sound Therapy, VSTCP, from the Vibrational Sound Association. Originally from NY, Heather now lives locally. Outside of work she loves hiking and exploring Sonoma County with her boyfriend and four legged fur baby.





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