Devon Sophia Delaney: Feminine Wisdom for Body, Mind, and Soul in Healing, Aligning and Embodying the Divine

Devon Sophia Delaney is an intuitive energy artist, sound channel, and teacher. She began her interest in energywork in Alaska and is a trained Reiki Master. She started singing before she learned to walk, and from a choral background, she moved into sound healing through her voice. She has been facilitating toning circles in Northern California for over a year. She has a Masters in Education, and a Bachelors in the Media Arts.

Through Devon Sophia’s own transformational process, a journey in understanding unconditional love, facing her darkness, illuminating her light, and honoring the divine union within, she faced many cycles of death and rebirth, and brings her renewed sensibility to every aspect of her work. Working with Pure Source Christ Light, Gaia, and the Crystalline Grid, Devon Sophia connects with the elements, the creatures of Gaia, and the human heart grid to bring Divine Light and Love to all Creation.

Devon Sophia aligns with the sacred lineage of the Divine Sophia, deep feminine wisdom, and deeply honors the Priestess Path, the Sacred Sisterhood of Sophia, and Her Beloved Logos. She brings Sophia to the heart of her I AM Presence in union with Christos, Crystalline Inner Light and Love.