Cécile Marie, EFT, Reiki, Tarot, Human Design

Cécile Marie is a natural healer, Shamballa Reiki master, clairvoyant and psychic. Born and raised in a restrictive religious environment in Paris, France, her path to professional healing has been an experiential re-connection to herself. After academic studies in food engineering, her sensitivity led to inquiries into the understanding of the human soul. Beginning with classic psychology, then modern techniques of therapy, she became seduced by methods of healing involving body and emotional work.

Doing the healing work on her own body opened her senses and her psychic abilities. Convinced that the body and the soul are inter-connected, she started exploring sexual trauma healing, through modern tantra practices. This exploration led her to California in the heart of the alternative healing culture. There, she became a life coach and a certified EFT practitioner (Emotional Freedom Technique) from the Sophia School of Living Arts.

Her healing journey has been divinely guided by the energy of the Divine Feminine, starting by a strong connection with Mary Magdalene. She believes that an approach of healing involving unconditional love, acceptance and conscious communication is leading to the awakening of the planet at its highest potential.

She offers EFT sessions, Reiki sessions, tarot readings and human design readings. It is her great joy to help people know themselves better and create the abundant life that they are meant to live.