Gratitude for Songbird Support, Jasmine Gold

The holidays are a time of gratitude for me which is why Songbird holds a Winter Gratitude Celebration. This month I continue the history of Songbird through expressing gratitude for some of the wonderful people who helped shape it in the days before we moved […]


About the Winter Solstice, Devon Sophia Delaney

On December 21st, we are illuminated by the light of the Winter Solstice. This is the shortest day of the year, summoning in the light, as we celebrate the sun’s return. Astronomically speaking, the Winter Solstice, also known as Mid Winter, is the day with […]

select from our many handmade gifts

Stones Throw Gift Shop Local Holiday Shopping

Consider what you are really giving when you give Handmade Gifts! Stones Throw Gift Shop We curate a collection of handmade and local gifts that are each infused with love by the person that created them.  Whether it’s jewelry, art, cards, and other gifts from local artists, each […]


Songbird’s Origin

The recent remodel and move have caused me to think about the many moves, remodels, and shifts that Songbird and Stones Throw have gone through over the last 9 years. During this time, Spirit has sent many signs to help me along the way. Over […]

Treatment Room Rentals

Treatment Rooms for Rent in Cotati

Treatment Rooms for Rent in Cotati Affordable Part Time and Hourly Treatment Rooms for Wellness Professionals Are you building a practice in the healing arts field? Do you want to avoid the overhead of your own office? Would you like the convenience of an affordable […]


Listening & Feeling Heard, Jasmine Gold

As I watch the Kavanaugh drama play out, I have been pondering how different it could be if both sides felt they were being heard. Even when you strongly disagree with someone, you can still listen to what the other person without making them feel […]


Our Grand Reopening Open House!

Saturday, August 25, 2:00pm-5:30pm 8297 Old Redwood Hwy, Cotati Join us for an afternoon of Celebration, Community, Inspiration, & Education Now at one location Are you interested in alternative health, but don’t know where to turn? Are you looking for something different from the mainstream? Come […]

Life Coach Cotati

Success, Failure & Alignment, Jasmine Gold

What drives your actions? Are you afraid of success? Afraid of failure? Do you live your life in a New Age flow? Do you take action based on alignment with Spirit? Sometimes it is hard to tell the difference. When I am acting based on […]

Stones Throw Gift Shop

Stones Throw Gift Shop Mid-Summer Offering

Just mention our Facebook Offer! Just mention our Facebook Offer! Stones Throw Gift Shop Stones Throw is the largest affordable crystal store in Sonoma County with rocks and fossils in a variety of price points from $1 to large amethyst cathedrals. We have a huge […]


Freedom and Spirit Signs, Jasmine Gold

With Independence Day coming up, I have been thinking about freedom. We have many freedoms that we can celebrate. What is a freedom that you are grateful for? I am grateful for the freedom I have to choose the life that I desire. This life […]


Reflections, Jasmine Gold

Over the last month I have been reflecting on the many unexpected ways my life has flowed over the years. The timing may be connected to Songbird moving upstairs right after my birthday as well as the upcoming summer solstice, astrology, and the many natural […]


Self Healing, Jesse Stark

I remember when I was a young kid my parents arguing, yelling and verbally fighting with each other. I was an only child, I didn’t know what to do or what to think. I remember just thinking and hoping they would stop. The echoes of […]

No Picture

Combining Songbird & Stones Throw, Jasmine Gold

When I bought the Songbird building five years ago, I thought I was done with remodeling and moving. Then Spirit called me to open the store 3 ½ years ago and to move it 1 ½ years ago, right before a fire in the building. […]


Love, Fear & Guns, Jasmine Gold

Since the Parkland mass shooting, my Facebook feed has been filled with posts trying to convince the reader that the author’s viewpoint is clearly the right one. Almost all of these posts are one sided. They do not take the time to compassionately explore and […]


Perspectives and Assumptions, Jasmine Gold

There are many ways to view life. A child sees life differently than an adult. A millennial and a senior see things differently. Men and women look at life differently. There are optimists and pessimists, liberals and conservatives, introverts and extroverts… These broad differences tend […]


Changing Views, Jasmine Gold

How has your view of the holidays changed during your lifetime? Do you have different views of Christmas and giving? Different views of New Year’s? Just like nature, my views are always evolving. The fires have brought another shift for me, just like the field […]


The Season of Forgiveness, Natalie Doel

Repentance reaches fullness when we are brought to gratitude for our mistakes.  – Nana Veary* In November we tend to hear a lot about gratitude due to the Thanksgiving holiday.  As awareness of the power of gratitude has increased in recent years, we have begun to […]


Moving Forward from the Fires, Jasmine Gold

On the night the big fires started, there was another fire that started in a field next door to me. It could have spread like the others did, but fortunately was put out quickly. I sometimes wonder why my home was spared when others lost […]

Elisa Palma Hancock

How to discover your limiting beliefs, and why

On the path to evolution and change, one of the most challenging and rewarding discoveries, has certainly been the one about limiting beliefs and their influence on our choices. Those beliefs subtly control our everyday life running silently in the background, like an all-consuming app […]


A New World

A year ago, my 21 year old child Quinn told me that they were transgender. This year, they transferred to UC Santa Cruz and are living in transgender dorm. Using the pronoun “they” like this is foreign to me, but seems totally normal to their […]

Sue Wilhite

Harvest What You Plant, So Plant Now!

Have you heard the phrase “what goes around comes around?” Yes, it can mean karma, but it also refers to getting results from your actions. For many, Fall represents when our energy begins to slow down. The leaves start to change color, and the sun […]

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