Natalie Doel

Master Certified Spirit Coach™, Clarity Breathwork™ Practitioner, Intuitive

Natalie Doel is a Master Certified Spirit Coach™, Clarity Breathwork™ practitioner, experienced intuitive and conduit for healing energy.  She believes that the greatest healing happens when we get out of the way and act as channels for Divine light to work through us, and she brings this understanding to all of her work.  Her goal is to help her clients realize that everything they most want and need already exists within them, and help them learn how to access that.  Rather than calling herself a healer, she considers herself a facilitator of awakening.

Natalie is also the mother of a child who came into the world with a high level of psychic and spiritual awareness, which puts her in a good position to help parents who find themselves in a similar situation.  She also loves to write and shares channeled prayers, messages and other inspirations on her blog.



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