Carmen M. Pomares

carmenCarmen M. Pomares, L.Ac, is a California licensed acupuncturist who is committed to providing affordable Chinese medicine in a community setting. She obtained her Master’s Degree in Chinese Medicine from Academy of Chinese Culture Health and Sciences in Oakland, California. She had the opportunity to visit Nanjing, China and study with a renowned herbalist. In Chinese hospitals or clinics, acupuncture is mainly provided in a group setting treating up to 200-250 people a day. Community style acupuncture allows patients to be seen weekly without being cost prohibitive, It empowers people to heal without hurting their pockets.  All treatments are given in a shared space. Carmen also works in Sebastopol at a community acupuncture clinic.

Acupuncture uses thin disposable needles to stimulate acupuncture points along the body to help alleviate various ailments. Some of the top issues treated by acupuncture and herbs include: chronic and acute pain, allergies, autoimmune conditions, weight issues, menopause, stress, prostate issues, gynecological issues, migraines, digestive issues, tinnitus, post partum issues, depression, anxiety, and fertility.

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